D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP)


The Leading Independent Platform for Kubernetes in Production

The D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) is built to ensure your move to Kubernetes is done with ease and agility, regardless of your organization’s level of Kubernetes experience. With a foundation in best of breed open-source, DKP was designed to provide a fully interoperable and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) conformant Kubernetes experience, which helps make sure you always leverage the best of what the industry has to offer with Kubernetes. DKP is composed of the following:

D2iQ Konvoy: The foundation of the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform is a comprehensive, enterprise-grade Kubernetes distribution built on pure open source with the add-ons needed for Day 2 production. Selected, integrated, and tested at scale, for greater stability, reliability, and faster time to benefit.

D2iQ Kommander: The centralized control plane of the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform, Kommander delivers governance and federated management of disparate Kubernetes clusters from a single centralized console, ensuring lifecycle management, unified policy, and better operational insights for Kubernetes in the enterprise.

D2iQ KUDO: D2iQ maintains a core set of high value KUDO operators designed for building data-rich applications using technologies like Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra. Additionally, KUDO for Kubeflow is targeted at simplifying the adoption of machine learning workloads on Kubernetes.

D2iQ Conductor: The D2iQ Kubernetes Platform would be incomplete without the ability to scale out Kubernetes and Cloud-Native training across the Enterprise. Conductor provides curated, real-world, on-demand, enterprise Kubernetes and cloud-native training with tutorials and hands-on labs to meet your large scale training needs, with content ranging from beginner to advanced. Give your team the skills foundation they need to harness the power of Kubernetes and the cloud-native community.

The D2iQ Kubernetes Platform provides a differentiated approach and unique set of technologies, expert professional services, training, and support that enables you to deliver on the promise of digital transformation and embrace the power of Kubernetes in production and at scale. Engineered from the beginning to be an open platform, DKP is built on pure upstream open-source Kubernetes providing our customers the freedom to leverage ongoing open-source innovation, immune to the lock-in of proprietary solutions. 

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