Dasha Voice AI Platform

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Automate your business with conversational human-like voice AI

Does your company run a call center to communicate with your customers? 

Do you generate leads? 

Would you maybe like to receive meaningful, valuable, in-depth feedback from every single one of your customers? 

Dasha is not your grandmother’s IVR. It is a human-indistinguishable AI. 96% of all people communicate with it as they would with a human operator. 

Dasha can cost up to ten times less than your operators. Our customers value that Dasha delivers a significantly higher level of customer experience when compared with overworked, unmotivated and underpaid call center agents. 

Companies are using Dasha to: 

  • Grow their sales pipeline 

  • Generate leads and qualify buyers for consumer sales

  • Collect detailed, open-ended feedback from customers

  • Glean actionable insights from the customer feedback 

  • Plan contractor schedules and book shifts 

  • Conduct preliminary phone assessments for low-value job applicants

  • Book appointments, confirm and follow up to ensure the appointment takes place

  • Asses the risk of individual workers spreading covid-19 in the workplace