WorkForce TimeKeeper

autor DataByte Ltd

WorkForce Timekeeper is a fully-featured and easy staff time attendance solution.

Features & Benefits:

  • Advanced biometric devices with fingerprint and face recognition to record employee clockings
  • Allow for multiple biometric devices whilst sharing employee fingerprint and face recognition templates to all shared devices
  • Employees can view their event clocking data through the employee portal
  • Employees can clock-in/out with their mobile phone whilst recording their GPS location
  • Setup geo-zones for reporting on Remote GPS event clockings
  • Monitor, administer and approve event clockings and overtime to interface calculations direct into the WorkForce Payroll module
  • Seamless integration to the WorkForce Leave module to allow for a complete picture on attendance
  • WorkForce Employee Portal Integration: Employees can see their event clockings for the day and have quick access to the time & attendance module
  • Reporting and Insights: Relevant reporting and high-level time & attendance analytics to help forecast trends.