DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform​ for MS Azure

DataRobot Inc

DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform automates the end-to-end data science lifecycle from data to ROI.

The DataRobot enterprise AI platform accelerates your AI success with Microsoft Azure by putting the power of cutting-edge machine learning technology into the hands of the team you already have in place. The platform, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Azure cloud services, incorporates the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world's leading data scientists, delivering unmatched levels of automation, accuracy, and transparency to help your business transform into an AI-driven enterprise. The platform includes:

  • DataRobot A​utomated Machine Learning​, which enables people with different backgrounds and skill sets to quickly build, deploy, and monitor explainable AI models at enterprise scale. It automates highly complex, time-consuming, and often repetitive tasks across the full data science lifecycle. DataRobot Automated Machine Learning democratizes AI for your existing business analysts and frees up your data science experts to focus on new ways to add value.
  • DataRobot A​utomated Time Series​. This automates the development of sophisticated time series models that predict the future values of a data series based on its history and trend. Organizations of all sizes will improve forecasts for sales volume, product demand by SKU, staffing, inventory, and a host of financial applications.
  • DataRobot MLOps.​ Delivering all the capabilities that Data Science and IT Ops teams need to work together to deploy, monitor, and manage their machine learning model in production. It also provides governance so you can understand who is publishing models and what happens to these models over time. MLOps provides the ability to easily deploy models on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This includes both DataRobot models and models built with the Azure Machine Learning Service. It is the single source of truth for your production AI.
  • DataRobot P​axata​. Providing self-service data preparation for enterprise AI. This enables anyone visually and interactively explore, combine, and shape diverse datasets into assets ready for machine learning and AI applications at enterprise scale.

The above products provide access to critical platform features such as DataRobot’s A​I Catalog​, which enables people to easily find, understand and use data assets needed for AI projects. You can also share data with other users across the enterprise. This includes any Microsoft Azure data source such as raw files stored in ADLS and Azure Blob Storage, or business-critical data in Azure SQL database, SQL Data Warehouse and more.

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