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Connect to USB over network with one click

FlexiHub is a professional-grade software solution that lets you safely share any number of USB and serial devices over Network or the Internet and operate remote peripherals in real-time, no matter the distance. It’ll be a great asset for businesses of any size, a team, or an individual user. 

For a business, FlexiHub can set up a centralized control point for all your company’s USB and serial equipment for fast on-the-fly troubleshooting and minimized downtime. On top of that, FlexiHub offers you a great way to reduce hardware expenditure by redirecting existing equipment to the cloud to make it instantly accessible with super-low latency connections from all your machines. Also, FlexiHub can help your remote tech support team to achieve faster response to an unlimited number of customers at a time, and thus significantly Improve customer satisfaction rate. Plus, it completely eliminates business time waste on the commotion. 

With FlexiHub, there is no need for a physical presence to update firmware, change configuration settings, and do a host of other things. For a development center or an individual developer, FlexiHub can cut down time-loss and outlays for unnecessary shipping. Instead of mailing your prototype back and forth to fine-tune the device and finalize the details, you can safely share it via the Internet with no risk of unauthorized access. For individual users, FlexiHub offers a fast and easy way to redirect a physical device to all popular virtualization environments. In addition to it, you’ll be able to operate several computers with one set of controllers and get direct access to peripherals attached to a machine with no public IP address and/or hidden behind NAT or firewall. 

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