IN-D Payables - Invoice Processing

autor eMulya Fintech Pte Ltd

Intelligent System for Invoice Processing in minutes without the need to set-up templates

Lot of effort of the finance and accounting teams is wasted in repetitive and error-prone tasks of processing vendor invoices. It takes necessary resources from the critical parts of the procure-to-pay cycle. 

IN-D Payables combines an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled invoice capture and digitization with manual checks further assisted by the AI to ensure up to 80% reduction in costs while improving process controls at the same time. 

IN-D Payables automates the followings steps:

  1. Capture/Upload invoices any file format – PDF (scans or readable), images (any format)

  2. Digitizes and extracts header information (vendor details, tax number etc.) and tabular information (quantity, price, taxes etc.)

  3. Provides invoice-wise and field-wise confidence level on extracted data

  4. Rapid validation with markers for each field extracted

  5. Output available in required data formats and APIs for integration with downstream systems

IN-D Payables is also available as a connector for Logic Apps, Power Automate, and Power Apps. You can access it here.

As a ISO27001:2013 certified organization for information security that also works with global financial institutions in sensitive areas like digital identity, ensures your peace of mind with safe, secure and automated accounts payable processes.