Fusion Treasury Essential

autor Finastra

Technology that empowers the treasury

Sophisticated tools for a function that’s at the heart of the bank

As banks focus on improving returns on capital and meeting new regulatory obligations, the treasury occupies a unique position at the very center of a bank’s operations.

With a role that now extends to profitability, capital consumption, and risk governance, the treasury must maximize liquidity, manage resources centrally, control and forecast the balance sheet, and mitigate risk to optimize profitability.

This isn’t possible with a rigid, fragmented treasury management system. Today’s treasury platform needs to facilitate accurate, real-time data management. And as regulation and liquidity requirements become more demanding, only a flexible solution will allow for adequate capital allocation and robust risk management practices.

With Finastra, banks can start a transformative journey towards a sophisticated treasury solution:

  • Integrate hedging and banking books
  • Consolidate liquidity, forecasting, and risk analysis for capital optimization
  • Achieve more automated workflows and processes
  • Deliver a common interface with deep analysis capabilities
  • Quickly respond to new business and regulatory demands

Discover the sophisticated treasury management capabilities of Fusion Treasury Essential powered by Finastra’s Fusion Kondor.