Quick Lean Timesheet

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Register and manage your workload in just a few seconds.

This application is available in Portuguese and English.

Timesheet is an App for recording the amount of time spent on each task or project.

Timesheet App allows you to daily register your workload in days/hours/minutes and relate your records with the company’s Department/Cost centre/Projects or other hierarchy that fits your organization. 

With this tool, you can: 

  1. Professionalise your time management;
  2. Control the average time for specific tasks; 
  3. Control employee's time-off hours;
  4. Track productivity in real time; 
  5. Track your indicators in real time; 
  6. Centralise all information;
  7. Increase teams productivity; 
  8. Save time for more important activities;

With just a few seconds a day you can register your workload, automate it (if necessary) with approval flows, connect the gathered data to your Reporting tool (Excel, Power BI or others) and daily track the outcome of the workload distribution of your company in any level of detail you like. 

Time is Money, and with this app you can save a lot!