Intelligent Reach

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Get found by shoppers online, on mobile and in local stores.

Offsite product discovery (e.g. Google shopping, Facebook, Amazon ads) is a vital source of retail revenue, growing by more than 23% in 2017, with product ads converting 30% higher than conventional advertising. This route to market is set to continue to grow in importance and product data is vital to succeed.

By powering optimum product data, Intelligent Reach helps retailers & brands optimise the offsite product discovery journey, ensuring no matter when or where your ideal customers interact, they will find your products and convert.

Marketing and eCommerce teams can deliver rich, contextually relevant product data across 1400+ global channels and marketplaces, go-to-market faster, all whilst reducing the burden on internal IT.

The IR platform also helps retailers & brands understand what is most relevant to their buyers’ search intent and visualise the impact on their KPIs with the Experimentation module which, using either AB or MVT tests, provides accurate, scientific analysis of different product content formats.

Founded in 2006 and trusted by leading global retailers and brands such as Topshop, Missguided, ASDA, Halfords, Dyson, Staples, ASOS, Lenovo and Snapfish.