Freehand by InVision - Digital Whiteboard


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Freehand provides a digital whiteboard enabling visual collaboration directly within MS Teams

Freehand by InVision addresses three key challenges of innovation and efficiency especially for distributed/remote teams: 

1) Inclusivity in projects across internal and external stakeholders

2) Fostering creativity

3) Maintaining engagement whether on a live meeting or in Teams channels

To give your team the dedicated space to have engaging, creative, and inclusive conversation—we’ve created InVision Freehand. These three attributes are core to our philosophy of Freehand:

  • Simple and approachable. You’ll find that Freehand meets the needs of a wide range of users from novices to power users, making it critical for facilitating inclusive collaboration. 

  • Infinite, seamless digital canvas. Unlike a linear document, spreadsheet, or slide presentation Freehand provides a space for all participants to think creatively.

  • Interactive and engaging. Tools like templates from industry leaders, custom templates, sticky notes, and reactions mimic the energy of a in-person white boarding session.

 With Freehand, everyone can share their unique perspectives in a way that feels best to them — whether that’s writing, drawing, annotating, or reacting.

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