Advana: No-Code Data Engineering and Data Science

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No-Code, High Performance Data Engineering and Data Science with Databricks Spark Compute

With exploding data sources, complex data types, and increasing data volumes, integrating data from disparate sources and getting value from that data has become even more challenging.

A high-performance, agile data integration platform is the key to your business success—a platform that will scale to expanding business needs and solve business problems such as customer churn, campaign effectiveness, fraud detection, and sales optimization.

Advana is the only comprehensive data management and analytics suite which harnesses the power of multiple compute technologies in one integrated environment. Advana’s web-based, code-free, end-to-end, integrated environment enables business and IT teams including Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Functional SMEs, and Data Stewards to collaborate and co-develop data analytics solutions. These comprehensive solutions can be developed with user-managed data quality rules, business rules, data transformations, data catalogs, data synchronization and orchestration, advanced machine learning algorithms, and more, without technology-specific training.

Data Engineering Standard - Data Engineering Standard edition's highly visual environment lets you connect and integrate data from any data source in any data format and automatically generate data integration flows without hand coding. This edition includes connectivity to SQL and NoSQL databases and file systems, administration capabilities, scheduling, and orchestrating data pipelines.

Data Engineering Premium- Along with the features that come with the Standard Edition, the Premium edition has the capabilities to create and maintain data definitions in the Data Catalog Studio, define and manage business rules in Rules Studio, define and update data quality specifications like validations and standardizations.

Data Science - Advana’s Data Science edition is a code-free Data Science and Machine Learning studio of Advana, designed to empower citizen data scientists. This edition has Clustering, Regression, Classification, and other Machine Learning capabilities. It also has in-built productivity tools like model tuning, pipelining, and visualization of model outputs.

Enterprise Edition - Advana’s Enterprise Edition combines all the features of data engineering, data governance, and data science for enterprise-wide adoption. This enables multi-faceted and far-flung teams to work together innovating and effortlessly collecting the data and tagging definitions

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