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Intelligent Automation for Digital Workflow Transformation

Deliver New Levels of Customer Experience and Organizational Efficiency
Kofax TotalAgility is an integrated platform for automating content-intensive workflows, bringing together low-code process design, AI-driven intelligent document processing, and monitoring – plus integration with Kofax RPA for task automation.

  • Industry-leading document intelligence: Our intelligent document processing technology processes documents and data with the highest accuracy and speed.
  • Low-code automation: Powerful tools to build, deploy and accelerate enterprise automation.
  • End-to-end business process handling: A central intelligent automation platform to handle dynamic tasks, trigger automated rules and deploy on-demand workforce capacity.
  • A frictionless development experience: TotalAgility delivers a complete single-vendor solution. No complicated third-party arrangements. No chasing multiple companies for support.

Why Customers Choose TotalAgility
  • Enable the innovator: Empower citizen developers, professional developers and administrators to solve problems and scale innovation.
  • Unlock data and speed: Process documents from any channel with powerful AI. Eliminate manual data extraction from workflows.
  • Maximize workforce capacity: Deploy smart digital workers for high-value workflows and time consuming tasks. Get more done, in less time, with fewer errors.
  • Eliminate friction: Create more personalized experiences, reduce customer response times and streamline customer management workflows.
  • Empower business users: Give non-technical business users powerful no-code document processing tools.