LAB3 SensorMine

LAB3 Solutions

End to end sensor platform for industrial applications

SensorMine is the LAB3 go to market for IoT and encompasses hardware offerings, cloud services and managed services.

The easiest low-cost, end-to-end predictive maintenance solution for mining companies to monitor equipment and access insights 24/7 – so they can make the right decisions and keep their mines running.

Value Proposition

  • Long Range monitoring of assets
  • Low cost of deployment of sensors (no electrical work)
  • Easy of management with an ever green offering
  • Fully inclusive cost: sensors, cloud AI platform and managed services
  • Simple deployment using our app
  • Leading edge abnormality detection using FFT and AI
Platform Benefits

SensorMine now makes it possible to start monitoring assets with predictive maintenance in just days to increase the lifespan of your assets and avoid downtime.

Real time monitoring & alerts: 
Receive real-time data and alerts from continuous monitoring.

Data driven decisions
Make data-driven decisions, e.g. get the most out of your asset.

Predictive maintenance
We tell you what to focus on to fix assets before they break.

Simple, effective sensors
Just glue our sensors to assets, no power or complex networking.

Simple, accessible interfaces
See data and insights in simple interfaces, accessible anywhere.

End-to-end solution
From sensors to insights and ongoing management.

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