Netreo Essentials

Netreo, Inc.

Cloud monitoring and automation for applications and services deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Netreo Essentials enhances management of Microsoft Azure for IT professionals by providing deep & immediate insight into the performance and availability of their Azure cloud systems and resources. Optimize cloud costs and intelligently automate issue resolution with features like live dashboards, fully customizable and meaningful alerts, immediate notifications, automated scalability and much more.

  • Observe - Visibility into all Azure resources from the virtual machine instance level through high level SaaS services means there are no blind spots and business KPIs are constantly monitored.

  • Analyze - Take advantage of extended Azure metrics and a year of 1-minute data granularity to help your IT personnel glean valuable insights into your entire Azure deployment.

  • Act - Contains a full suite of UI-driven and no-code tools to automate your environment for auto-scaling resources, self-healing actions and recovery procedures, and other tasks.

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