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Improve your Microsoft Teams adoption with Powell Teams: enhanced collaboration tool & governance.

Powell Teams offers both enterprises and mid-sized companies a modern collaboration experience that is effortless, organized, easy to manage, and governed – with Teams templates, Teams governance, and lifecycle management. 
Our digital workplace solutions are built on Microsoft 365 technologies, ensuring security and protection while providing the most up-to-date features.
Trusted by over 300 customers and 50 active partners, Powell Software has won awards and recognition from analysts such as Gartner & Clearbox.

Key Benefits

Powell Teams enhances Microsoft Teams with governance for IT and improved usage and adoption for end-users.

  • Prevent Team sprawl and manage Team creation with a ready-to-use approval system.
  • Secure your workplace and its rules. Set governance policies once and allow users to be guided through the Teams creation process. 
  • Teams efficiency starts with simplicity. Collaborate instantly on collective tasks through ready-to-use Team spaces that get things done for you.
  • Don’t get lost in information overload. Simplify navigation, visualization, and search to quickly find information.

Key Features

Teams Templates: A catalog of customized Teams templates to get the most out of your Office 365 applications and collaboration processes. Make an immediate business impact while respecting your IT best practices. Examples of templates are: New employee onboarding, Sales RFPs, and many others.
Teams Dashboard: Get access to a structured dashboard for improved navigation, visualization, and search. Quickly find your Teams and their relevant information.
Governance: Governance is automated and IT best-practices are integrated into the user’s Team creation process.

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This is the offer for Enterprises larger than 1000 employees. Pricing for organizations below 1000 employees is here

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