Purple's WiFi Analytics and Marketing Automation

Purple WiFi

Transform your venue into an intelligent space through WiFi, analytics, and marketing automation.

The Purple WiFi Solution
From data capture, predictive analytics and engagement, to helping customers quickly navigate complex venues, we are the Google Maps and Analytics of the physical world. Purple is a cloud-based platform that focuses on turning WiFi networks into revenue generation tools for businesses through social media integration, intuitive analytics and profile-based marketing.

Through the installation of WiFi analytics, you can provide a high-speed and secure wireless connection for guests whilst also collecting valuable data and insight. 
WiFi analytics enables you to paint a full picture of your guests; from key demographic data such as name, DOB and gender, to contact information, social interests, footfall, dwell and frequency of visits.

Couple this data with a centralized reporting dashboard and cutting-edge integrated marketing tools, and you can begin to understand and engage with your guests like never before.

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Purple can help you increase customer retention by 24%

Target Verticals
This solution is ideal for venues which have WiFi accessibility- the main verticals served by Purple are:
  • Retail
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment/Stadiums
  • Hospitality
  • Smart Cities
  • Office Spaces

Customer Needs
1. Capture customer data, understand better who is within your venue and how they are behaving
2. Increase customer visits and repeat visits
3. Increase overall customer spend
4. Reduce churn

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