Sequoia Combine for Azure

autor Sequoia Holdings Inc

Combine provides an approved and trusted approach for IC & DOD region development and testing.

Sequoia Combine for Azure

Sequoia Combine accelerates software workflows that generate efficiency, responsiveness and productivity for commercial vendors and government agencies. Combine operates with the full trust, confidence, and authorization from Microsoft and USG, supporting DOD, IC, & public sector critical application workloads and Fortune 500 customers. Sequoia Combine for Azure is the exclusive emulation platform for public sector and DOD cloud regions (Government & Secret regions).

Accelerate Classified Workload Delivery via Unclassified Access
  • Combine enables iterative design, development and testing for quick deployment without the need for cleared personnel or time consuming resources on a cleared network.
  • Combine provides a standardized "FedRamp" approach for qualification tasks such as operational testing, security assessment and continuous support.
  • Combine is continuously updated by Sequoia’s Azure experts with on-site and hands-on Microsoft Azure Government Secret experience.

Combine Delivers Trust, Confidence & Proven Results
  • Drives massive cost savings by deploying automated infrastructure-as-code (IaC) techniques with trusted resources and direct access to DOD and IC customer organizations
  • Provides consistent risk assessment, mitigation techniques and design recommendations to meet specific security compliance and risk management requirements e.g. ICD 503
  • Blending proprietary tech and unique customer authentication specifications to fully emulate "air-gapped" cloud architecture and operates with the USG sponsoring agency’s full trust and authorization.