Cognni Information Intelligence for M365


Employ Information Intelligence to detect risks to your important information


Cognni is an AI-based platform that takes your M365 infosec to the next level. Clearing the noise made by information & alert overload Cognni lets you focus on what’s important and make efficient use of your team’s time.  By autonomously mapping, detecting, & investigating your important information, Cognni provides actionable insights so that you can take the right action.  


  • 5-minute Microsoft 365 integration with no installations or disruption to end-users  
  • Autonomously maps Financial, Legal, HR, Governance, & other important business information  
  • Detects risks to important information using autonomous information and context recognition  
  • Automates the investigation of information and entities involved in alerts  
  • Uses intelligent insights to optimize your MIP and MCAS security configurations  

Use cases:

  • Monitor what important information has been sent to which employees, external contacts, & organizations 
  • Tracks risks to different versions of your important information across every file location 
  • Differentiate between legitimate and malicious share activities to identify leaked business information 
  • Identify whether information was exposed by any employees leaving the company 
  • Uncover anonymous sharing of confidential information 
  • Intelligently optimize your MCAS security by identifying trusted users and organizations  

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