Cognni Information Intelligence for M365

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Employ information intelligence to autonomously map your critical information


Cognni offers an AI-powered approach to mapping and understanding your most critical information assets. We provide unparalleled transparency in our quest to redefine compliance with human-like intelligence. Our ability to understand your information saves your team 100s of hours by automating the tasks associated with minimizing insider risks, configuring information security, and mitigating ransomware damages. With Cognni you know what information you have, where it resides, and with whom it has been shared. 


  • 5-minute Microsoft 365 onboarding with no installations or disruption to end-users 
  • Autonomously maps Financial, Legal, HR, Governance, & other critical Business information into over 70 subcategories  
  • Automatically investigates and delivers insights on entities and information flows 
  • Detects risks to critical information using autonomous information and context recognition
  • Leverages intelligent mapping to expand the scope and accuracy of Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)  

Use cases:

  • Recognizes information sprawled across multiple files to track its flow, use, and risks 
  • Differentiate between legitimate and malicious share activities to identify critical information leaks 
  • Identify whether information was exposed by any employees leaving the company  
  • Uncover anonymous sharing of confidential information
  • Automates MIP label creation and application, expanding the scope of your protection to unstructured information assets