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RDrive makes it simple to capture field data, sign-off and automate your complex projects.

Main Features:

* Plot issues, safety findings, site-photos on the latest plans, link to forms, documents and the schedule

* Defect Management (comprehensive suite)

* Site Inspections (RFI, site-diary, progress monitor, labour return, safety & environmental)

* Professional Reports (email and print services)

* Mobile Document Repository (reference project drawings, method statements, ITPs on phones and tablets)

* Sync to project websites using wifi or 4G

* Multi Lingual versions available in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese and other languages

* Used by Main contractors, Sub Contractors, CoWs, Consultants – configurable to individual users

* All project data is fully configurable by Project Staff

* Full audit trails showing author and date-time

RDrive offers a simple and accessible way of plotting work using visual symbols in exact locations of the construction site. Symbols, descriptions, assignments, photos (with markup), due by dates, signatures and attached documents are used to accurately define the work that has been done or needs to be done.