FoodX eGrocery Management Solution

A complete software platform to manage eGrocery fulfillment operations

Our FoodX eGrocery Management Solution (eGMS) reduces the amount of waste generated per order and increases warehouse operating efficiency.  

Our eGMS is a suite of software and tools that harness the data and information generated at each step of the fulfillment process and gives grocers and warehouse managers actionable insights. You know at a glance:  
  • how you are managing customer demand,  
  • inventory availability, freshness and quality,  
  • your replenishment and restock priorities, 
  • order picking, packing and shipping progress, and 
  • the best routing for delivery. 

The platform optimizes warehouses for eGrocery fulfillment. It is seamless, transparent, and empowers your employees to run day-to-day operations while you focus on the bigger picture.  

Our eGMS works with the processes and systems you already have in place, minimizing disruption in your organization. It is also flexible, so you choose the tools and applications you want, when you need them. 

You will start to realize the cost benefits of our eGMS in your online operations in under nine months and for a fraction of the cost of other capital intense solutions. 

With our eGMS, you can deliver the perfect order, consistently. Cost per order decreases. Order fulfillment capacity is fully leveraged. The entire process is more efficient, wastes less food, and strengthens the connection with your online customer.
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