Tectura Membership Addon

autor Tectura Hong Kong Limited

Tectura Membership is a solution on cloud platform, which builds on top of Dynamics 365 platform

This solution allows user to have a 360 view to make personalized service to specific member in an efficient and effective way.  It empower staff with our integrated loyalty and membership management solution: consolidate view to enrich the analysis capabilities with more productive marketing activities, including segmentation, cross-selling and promotion, etc. on a centralized Azure cloud.

Support N-tier membership

  • Our add-on supports unlimited tiers of membership.  Each tier has the corresponding rule for promotion and demotion.
  • Users can change the setup for no. of tiers based on business requirements.
  • Users can set up different benefits and reward programs for each of the membership tiers.
Robust loyalty point earnings, point redemptions and reward systems
  • Our add-on allows users to set up different types of point earnings and redemptions by different membership tiers, items purchased, amount purchased, tender types, time periods, etc.
  • It also allows users to set up different types of reward systems, like welcome rewards, upgrade/renew rewards, member rewards, promotion rewards, etc.
  • Real-time enquiry and update of points and rewards calculations by using web services 

Member-Targeted Marketing Campaign

  • D365 allows users to create different static and dynamic marketing lists to target members for a campaign.
  • With system integration being part of our solution, users can reach members for member communications and events with selected marketing lists via WeChat.
Integration with D365
  • Our Membership Add-on is built on top of Dynamics 365 platform integrated with Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.
  • Our add-on is to enhance the capabilities on D365 for membership and loyalty programme management.
  • Potential future extension to using D365 for Retail – Member data, transactions and points can be effectively managed and synchronized on the unified platform to allow more effective store operations at front-end and better service level to enhance member experience.
Support omni-input and output channels
  • Our add-on on D365 supports multiple input and output channels and system interfaces via POS, Mobile App, Membership Portal, eDM, Social Media, Call, etc.
  • Users can access the system with multiple access methods to query the member profile and membership journey.
  • Based on data from different channels, users can analyze data and take further actions towards the targeted members.