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Tilkee - Data-driven Sales Platform

Tilkee increases sales efficiency and data generation for organisations to better engage with prospects and customers.

Tilkee integrates with your existing/usual/daily-use of Microsoft technologies: 

  • Microsoft Outlook: get to know directly from outlook when, how and for how long your sales contents are being read. Access 14 day free trial (link below)

  • Microsoft Power apps: Automate sales tasks such as prospect follow-up using Tilkee’s connector for Power automate (link below)

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Bring Tilkee’s data directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help your sales teams to better engage with their prospects (non native integration, only possible with Power automate)

Value proposition:

  • Time saving: help sales teams to focus on prospects that show real interest. 

  • Sales process optimization: Automate low-value added tasks such as follow-up on cold prospects

  • Closing facilitator: 24% more likely to sign a deal by following up at the best time with your prospects. Use our free e-signature to get prospect's agreement quickly and easily

Business audience:

  • for sales teams: save time and increase conversion rate

  • for sales managers: better forecast sales through our opportunity scoring

  • for marketing dept: improve sales and marketing collaterals by discovering how they’re read

Target industry: 

Services, Utilities, Finance, Energy, Software, Manufacturing

Combining deep knowledge of sales enablement with augmented intelligence, Tilkee’s vision is to bring valuable data to sales teams to increase sales performance in an environment where it's getting harder and harder to sell

Click the contact button to get more information or try it for free through our Outlook plugin (link below)