Tunstall's Integrated Care Platform

autor Tunstall Healthcare Group Ltd

Tunstall’s Integrated Care Platform (ICP) enables healthcare providers to manage patients remotely.

At Tunstall, our vision is to empower people through interconnected, preventative and proactive care to continue to live as independently, healthily and securely as they are able, in the most appropriate location.  

Tunstall supports patients in the community by helping manage long term conditions with remote patient monitoring and administrative clinical support. Tunstall provides a range of intuitive patient centred app and software designed to support stakeholders within the healthcare process. We deploy medically approved devices that generate accurate, actionable and clinically reliable data, supported by a set of flexible managed services.

Tunstall’s approach to remote care and health monitoring using digital technologies, has proven to:

Keep patients out of hospital for as long as possible

Improve the quality and efficiency of care

Reduce costs

Tunstall has a proven track record in connected health with:

60 years of experience – a strong brand and trusted reputation

Nearly 3,000 employees across 17 countries

1.4 million end clients directly monitored from Tunstall’s 15 response centres around the world