Training Management

UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

Ingenious training management tool to ensure smooth training process

Our application provides an advanced solution to meet the challenges involved in managing the training process like defining session topics, identifying the trainers with specifications, schedule the sessions and record the attendees of the sessions. Attendance is managed by capturing their images and digital signatures to ensure individuality. Trainers provide evaluation & feedback as an audio recording in addition to the text format, ensuring personal assistance and identifying their nature of learning.  
Managers or Functional heads will come up with a list of topics that has to be trained and they will create the topics in app. When a topic is created, it is mapped with its evaluation type, nominal hours taken, category, department and source. Along with topic creation trainers must create their profile for each vertical they are specialized to train. This gets reflected for the scheduler and features as an option to choose among multiple trainers. Scheduler maps the topic to trainers and perfectly schedules the training with custom attendees and timeline. On the day of training, trainer can record attendance by selecting the program from schedule.  Also, they can record feedback and provide evaluation for attendees. 
Power BI reports are adopted to present the statistical measures of training, flexible report with custom filters helps in gaining deep insights from each part of the training.
Organisations which manage multiple internal and external training sessions can leverage this application for a flawless process. Dependency between the HR department and trainers in various training processes is eliminated. 
Features & Benefits: 
  • Intuitive search ability for topics, trainers and session evaluations
  • Unique attendance system capturing image and signature digitally
  • Flexible and secure data handling
  • Innovative audio feedback and evaluation to identify attendee’s performance
  • User friendly interface to manage selective training
  • Efficient scheduling of sessions with deadlines and target audience
  • Informative & interactive reports that depict the in-depth insights 
  • Multi-device compatibility enabling users to access from any device or platform
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