Verizon 5G Edge with Azure Stack Edge


Verizon 5G Edge with Azure Stack Edge, Verizon Private MEC, Verizon 5G Edge

Mobile edge computing (MEC) puts processing power and storage where it’s most needed: at the edge of the network, close to where data is generated. As part of a cloud computing solution, MEC helps enterprises and organizations reduce latency and enhance current solution performance or deploy new solutions.

Verizon 5G Edge Private MEC essentially takes the public network out of the equation, allowing you to deploy an end-to-end solution with a fully managed on-premises cloud computing platform leveraging Azure Stack Edge hardware which is tightly integrated with a Verizon Private Wireless Network.

5G Edge Private MEC can connect a warehouse or manufacturing plant full of devices with a Private Wireless Network, processing and storing the data locally to support the most critical and sensitive applications. And when it’s necessary to connect with remote data centers or other locations, private MEC makes it happen over a secure SD WAN connection. You maintain control over your data and the overall private MEC solution, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

There are many possible use cases for Private MEC, where low latency, high bandwidth and enhanced security are important. Here are some of them:

• Logistics quality - Computer vision and machine learning (ML) ensure the accuracy of item picking
• Predictive maintenance - Data from IoT sensors and cameras combined with data analytics improve machine utilization
• QA automation - Low-latency computer vision combined with ML catches production defects before they reach customers
• Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) - Monitor and direct plant-floor AGVs in near real time to improve operational efficiency, enhance safety and reduce collisions
• Airport ground operations - Track, monitor and analyze activity around aircraft and integrate ground and flight operations, fleet planning, passenger reservations and aircraft maintenance
• Critical infrastructure monitoring - Improve management, reduce inspection costs, monitor safety in near real time and manage the physical condition of assets