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Our AgriManagr Solution tracks the Food Value Chain from Smallholder farmer level to Food Processing

AgriManagr measures and tracks the lifecycle of a commodity from the farm gate through to processing capturing critical data on the volume, value, ownership, quality and price at each stage in the Value Chain. AgriManagr offers visibility to the level of farm, collection centers, deliveries, storage, processing and dispatch while providing traceability, and access to financial services in real time against preset KPIs; outputs are presented in user-friendly real-time dashboards. 

The solution generates data on what products were purchased and from whom they were sourced. The solution also records as products purchased are graded, weighed, loaded onto transport vehicles and delivered to your pack houses/ processors for traceability purposes. • 15% increase in net attributable income • 5% reduction in rejection of produce from sampled farmers • 5% increase in volume traded • 10% increase in annual turnover • Cost of inputs vs. income drop from 64% to 13% over 1 year You can learn more about this solution on: · Value Proposition.
The AgriManagr Solution creates an unique competitive advantage to Agriculture Value Chain Players by tracking their productivity and performance against preset KPIs and providing the outputs in easy to understand real-time analytical dashboards. Virtual City’s Agro Value Chain Technology Platform provides companies with tools for the management of client value and ability to reconcile both inventory and transactions efficiently and easily, 

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