Power Up Your SEO with AI and Personalized Knowledge Graphs

The Artificial Intelligence You Need to Grow Your Business 

WordLift helps you reach your maximum potential audience by helping search engines serve your content to the right person at the right time. 

WordLift’s Natural Language Processing allows you to inject Structured Data in your content and turn it into a Custom Knowledge Graph built around your business needs and optimized for information discovery by major search engines like Google and Bing.

Key Benefits

WordLift produces many SEO benefits:

  1. It uplifts your visibility on the SERP by adding markup, allowing you to get rich snippets and to improve your rankings;

  2. It helps you build your E-A-T by building data around your organization, the founders, the authors of your content and other key persons;

  3. It improves your internal linking;

  4. It enhances the UX by providing context cards, semantic interlinking, content recommendations and more features which have a proven effect on engagement metrics — another important signal for Google;

  5. It allows you to reuse, mix and match your content in different formats and contexts making your content marketing strategy more effective;

  6. It makes it easier to analyze your digital marketing efforts by providing you with semantic analytics that help you understand what kind of content your users like most. 

Our Solution

WordLift Cloud runs on Microsoft Azure and is a web-based application designed to bring the semantic markup of WordLift to any website regardless of the CMS being used. It can be activated on any HTML page by adding a Javascript.

These are the main features that WordLift brings to your editorial process:

  • NLP-based full-text analysis

  • markup

  • Linked Open Data

  • Custom Knowledge Graph

  • Custom vocabulary

  • Semantic interlinking

  • Content recommendations

  • Semantic Analytics

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