YooniK Web Authentication

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Enhance the user experience of your web apps by building face-enabled authentication

Enhance the user experience of your web apps by building face-enabled passwordless authentication or increase the security of your existing logins with multi-factor face authentication. YooniK Web Authentication SDK can be easily integrated and provides a frictionless face authentication experience on any web browser. Our algorithms have Top Tier accuracy and are certified by an independent benchmark.
Using a simple interface, our SDK performs real time face detection from any Webcam and matches the live face with the reference photo from registration. Eliminate account exchange and account takeover fraud.

Our SDK can be hosted on-prem or in the cloud (using a docker container or an Azure Virtual Machine).


Main features:

  • Powered by YooniK Face, a NIST-certified facial recognition technology based on proprietary research in state-of-the-art deep convolutional neural networks, being amongst the world's top performing biometric algorithms
  • Enables passwordless or MFA workflows
  • Compatible with multiple authentication platforms (e.g. Auth0)
  • Detection of spoof attacks (printed images and video material) with a robust 2D single frame liveness detection algorithm
  • Simple user interface


  • 99.9999% Accuracy - Ranked Top 5 in US+EU by NIST in live comparison
  • Robust AI-based 2D liveness detection
  • Passwordless or multi-factor workflows