Manufacturing Express Launch: 1-Wk Implementation

Accent Software Inc

A complete implementation package designed to accelerate your launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Manufacturing.

We have specifically designed our ExpressLaunch Service(s) to propel your business's capabilities and give you the best path forward with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based system, with no installation required. After you have deployed your environment, the real work will begin.

This three-day course on Dynamics 365 Business Central is for those who are looking to grow their business. Our Manufacturing ExpressLaunch course is helpful as many people want better tracking of their Production Operations. This course will help you to make decisions on how to setup the Manufacturing module.

This RapidStart implementation will guide your business through the functional aspects of Dynamics 365 Business Central's Manufacturing module. We address the three core functional areas of Manufacturing.


The following outline discusses the functional areas of Dynamics 365 Business Central's Manufacturing Module covered in this engagement.

Product design (a.k.a. item setup)

  • Routes (operations/activities)
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Material/operation linking
  • Version management

Production planning (MRP)

  • Planning parameter overview
  • Finished good setup (1 item)
  • Raw material setup (1 item)
  • Sub-assembly setup (1 item)
  • MPS/MRP process and audit

Manufacturing Execution

  • Production order statuses
  • Registering consumption of raw materials/sub-assemblies
  • Registering time
  • Finished good production


  • Path forward plan to realize production goals and objectives
  • Setup of Dynamics 365 Business Central's Manufacturing system
  • Training how to best utilize your new Dynamics 365 Business Central Manufacturing system


  • Dynamics 365 Business Central (premium) licensing required
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central's Financial Setup must already be complete. See “Financial ExpressLaunch” service offering if needed.

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