Securing Copilot for Microsoft 365 in Microsoft 365 for Business 1hour Implementation

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The security, compliance, and privacy policies that you have in place are adopted by Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Copilot for Security: Empowering Your Organization with AI Insights

Are you ready to enhance your security operations and stay ahead of cyberthreats? Look no further than Microsoft Copilot for Security. Our cutting-edge solution combines industry-leading generative AI with global threat intelligence, industry best practices, and your organization’s security data. Here’s what you get:

Speed and Scale: Copilot for Security processes signals at machine speed, allowing you to respond swiftly to threats and assess risk exposure in minutes.

Tailored Insights: Our AI turns data into actionable insights, helping you outpace and outsmart adversaries.

Flexible Provisioning: You can choose between a standalone experience or embedding Copilot for Security within your existing Microsoft Security products. Provision compute capacity in Security Compute Units (SCUs) to meet your organization’s needs.

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