Dynamics 365 Setup and Demo: 1-Wk Proof of Concept


Interested in implementing Dynamics 365 but want to know it will work for your business and matches your vision? A proof of concept ensures the solution will meet and exceed your needs.

Offer Description:

This Proof of Concept is designed to bring your vision to life! Andosi will work with your team to enable a trial instance of Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service OR Project Service Automation, configure it with your data, and lead a conference room pilot for your team.

Offer Price: $6,000 (Regular price is $8,000).


Day 1: Assessment & Data Collection

  • Discussion of envisioned processes with key stakeholders of your organization
  • Assessment of those processes and feasibility of utilizing Dynamics 365
  • Gathering representative data

    Day 2: Setup Trial & Configuration
  • Demo System Configuration

    Day 3 & 4: Finalize Configuration & Review
  • Finalize configuration
  • Load Demonstration Data
  • Internal review & remediation, if needed

    Day 5 - Conference Room Pilot
  • Pilot/Demo to company
  • Discuss next steps


  • 30-day Demonstration system that shows how your company’s processes could work in using Dynamics 365 online and mobile.
  • Written description of the processes provided.
  • Walk-through of the demo system to your team.

    Note: Custom Development and/or workflows are not included in this offer.

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