Supply Chain Emissions Calculator

Armanino LLP

Efficiently calculate scope 3 supply chain emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Armanino’s Supply Chain Emissions Calculator is a self-service Microsoft Power App that streamlines the process to measure Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. The Power App provides a user-friendly interface to upload vendor spend data, and automatically populates reports within the app on annual emissions, trend analysis, emissions by vendors and commodities, and more. The Power App utilizes an emissions calculation methodology that meets environmental accounting best practices and leverages the latest data sets on supply chain emission factors for US commodities published by the Environmental Protection Agency. With Microsoft Dataverse as the data backbone, this Power App provides a secure, scalable, accessible tool for organizations to add to their environmental reporting technologies.

While many organizations quantify greenhouse gas emissions in their value chain, emissions from purchased goods and services (referred to as Scope 3 emissions) represent a significant emissions source for many companies.

Deliverables: Web-based Power App that includes a trend analysis dashboard and reporting suite. The dashboard includes data visualizations of total annual emissions impacts and financial spend for each vendor and commodity. The reporting suite generates a Scope 3 emissions metric calculated in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

Outcomes: Users identify top vendors to reduce cost and carbon emissions in their supply chain. Additionally, companies can map, measure, and report the impact of sustainability initiatives with raw material producers and distribution companies. The reporting suite is also valuable for meeting regulatory and environmental reporting requirements, estimating carbon tax liabilities, maintaining vendor relationships, and achieving environmental objectives.

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