ai.RETAIL NRF Customer Insights 12 Wk Imp FY24

Avanade, Inc.

ai.RETAIL is an AI-powered insights solution

Data-driven retailers are able to keep up with changing consumer behaviors, market trends and competitive dynamics. But many retailers are data-rich yet insights-poor due to functional silos that make it difficult to get enterprise-wide data insights. ai.RETAIL can help retailers get more out of their data by bringing strategy, artificial intelligence (AI) and technology together for a single view of the customer and the enterprise.

ai.RETAIL includes the Customer Insights Platform, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, which provides a robust customer data foundation to generate macro and micro segments, create personalized campaigns, measure campaign effectiveness and powers data monetization initiatives.

Data-driven retailers don’t just have data. They continually unlock value from it to advance the business. ai.RETAIL provides transparency, agility and flexibility with retail-driven advanced analytics through a flexible and scalable platform.

*Pricing varies based on the scope of the engagement.

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