Power Automate: 6-MTH Engagement (Dedicated Automation Assistance)

Babybots LLC

Receive dedicated automation assistance from our automation mavens for a defined period of time

We're like consultants, except we leave you with digital assets instead of questionable advice.

Babybots is an automation services company that specializes in developing scalable automated solutions through use of low code tools such as Power Automate. One of the service lines we offers is a program known as dedicated automation assistance, in which we dedicate one of our fully trained automation mavens within your company, allowing you to reap all the benefits of the Power Platform (Inclusive of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Bi) without having to hire & train your own personnel. When the program is complete, everything developed through the program is retained by your company & can be managed by your internal IT team (Can also be managed by us if you'd prefer, for an agreed upon monthly rate).

The goal of this program is to not only prove the value automation can bring to your company when done correctly by seasoned professionals, but also show the speed in which automated programs can be developed at when utilizing low code platforms such as Power Automate.

The engagement lengths of the DAA program consist of 6,12, and 18 month engagement offerings, all at 40HR/week.

Interested in getting a direct calculation of how long it would take to reach ROI through engagement in this program? Feel free to use our calculator to assist!

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