Power Automate Macro Conversion

Babybots LLC

Replace Inefficient Macros With Scalable Power Automate Flows

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BabyBots is an automation services company that specializes in developing scalable automated solutions through use of low code tools such as Power Automate. One of the service lines we offer is conversion of Macros to Power Automate flows.

This service offering is focused on providing an efficient and streamlined solution for organizations that are currently using Excel Macros. As many organizations have experienced, Excel Macros can create siloes and technical debt within the company, resulting in a less efficient workflow and a higher cost of maintenance.

Power Automate Flows are low-code, no-code workflows that allow for automation of repetitive tasks, data collection, and data processing across multiple systems and applications. This approach eliminates the need for complex Excel Macros, which tend to become obsolete/even more troublesome when the developer who created them leaves the organization.

Our process involves a thorough analysis of the existing Excel Macros and the processes they support. From there, we diagram the process as it stands --> What it could be. Once approved by the client, we begin development. The end result? A more scalable solution with a better process.

A few of the benefits one can expect to gain from converting excel Macros to Power Automate flows:

-Increased scalability: Power Automate Flows scale much more efficiently than Excel Macros, allowing for automation of larger and more complex tasks.

-Improved maintainability: Power Automate Flows are much easier to maintain than Excel Macros, reducing the time and cost of maintenance.

-Low-code, no-code platform: Power Automate Flows are built on a low-code, no-code platform, allowing for ease of creation/modification of workflows without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

-Enhanced integration capabilities: Power Automate Flows can be integrated with other Microsoft products, such as SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Power BI, creating a more seamless and integrated workflow.

-Real-time updates: Power Automate Flows can provide real-time updates and notifications, allowing for more timely and informed decision making.

-Cloud-based platform: Power Automate Flows are a cloud-based platform, providing greater accessibility and flexibility for remote work and collaboration.

-Better data security: Power Automate Flows are built on Microsoft's secure platform, providing better data security and compliance with industry standards.

-Improved reporting capabilities: Power Automate Flows provide enhanced reporting capabilities by integrating real-time data with other tools under the Power Platform, such as Power BI.

-Better ROI: Converting an Excel Macro to a Power Automate Flow can provide a better return on investment, reducing the total cost of ownership and increasing efficiency and productivity.

If you haven't given the Power Platform a try and would be interested in seeing what this could look like, feel free to reach out! We would be happy to demonstrate the difference amongst macros and Power Automate flows.

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