Machine Learning: 6-Wk Proof of Concept

Beyondsoft Consulting

Build a Proof-of-Concept with your data and see how Machine Learning can drive your business.

Data is increasingly easy to acquire. However, data alone does not result in action or improvements for your business. If you are intrigued by the value of your data and want to see it impacting your business but are unsure how to start, we invite you to build a low-risk proof of concept with our data experts. Our objective is to work with you and determine:

  • Business Impact: What are the strategic goals of your company and how can Machine Learning achieve it?
  • Measurability: Will business KPIs be positively changed in an observable and quantifiable way?
  • Reliability: Is the data of sufficient quality to ensure a reliable Machine Learning solution?
  • Scalability: Can the scope of the proof of concept be expanded without a degradation in reliability?


  • Define strategic business goal(s) and process(es)
  • Identify scenarios with highest potential business value
  • Establish the expected effect the Machine Learning solution on business
  • Build ML models in Azure ML Studio
  • Build Power BI visualizations to convey the data’s predictive value
  • Hand-off deliverables


  • Machine Learning Model(s) that clearly demonstrates the feasibility of applying a production ML solution
  • Ad hoc Power BI visualizations of the predictive value of data in its current state
  • Gap analysis and project plans for all potential scenarios identified as business priorities in the discovery scope including: data quality assessment, quantified objectives and criteria for success, detailed business and functional requirements, technical plan for integrating the predictions into existing business processes and tools, and timeline and estimate

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