Qlik to Power BI Migration: 10-Days POC

BlueOrbit Solutions, LLC.

Demonstrate proof of migration from Qlik to Power BI, including validating functionalities, features compatibility and UI/UX.

Migrate one of your QlikView applications to Power BI, in order to:

  • Prove the application can be migrated and acceptable to end users
  • Validate same functionality is available in Power BI
  • Understand compatibility and feature gaps
  • How to handle incompatible features between QlikView and Power BI
  • Understand migration process and skills required to migrate the application
  • Utilization of Power BI tools for building Power BI data model
  • Demonstrate the enhanced UI/UX of Power BI
  • Ability to use migrated application for user acceptance

Along with our expertise in Power BI, we have over 10 years of experience in Qlik. We are one of the leading Migration Specialists with a proven record for delivering effective results on time. Our methodology & processes enable us to deliver quality and consistency. Our POC process includes usage of our proprietary Power BI MigrateExpress Analyzer™ tool to enable data driven decisions, an improvement over a manual approach.


  • Install & run Analyzer within customer QlikView environment
  • Review Analyzer results with key stakeholders
  • Study the identified application for migration*
  • Perform gap analysis & prepare a migration roadmap
  • Leverage metadata collected from Power BI MigrateExpress Analyzer™ tool
  • Design and develop Power BI report
  • Review Power BI Report
  • Demonstrate proof of migration, validate functionalities, features compatibility, UI/UX

*This offer is based on a QlikView Application of low complexity and up to 3 pages. Different parameters can be discussed.


  • Power BI Report
  • Demonstration Workshop

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