Viva Topics Employee Experience Engagement: 1Month Proof of Concept

Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Put Knowledge to work with Microsoft Viva Topics - harness the collective knowledge and expertise within your organization and bring knowledge to users seamlessly.

Discover how Microsoft Viva Topics can help your organization leverage collective knowledge and expertise for easy access to the right information while expanding corporate knowledge.

Get started today with Microsoft Viva Topics • By leveraging AI, your organization's content can be automatically tagged, processed, and organized into easily accessible knowledge. • With prebuilt “topic cards” and “topic pages” can help information workers understand key concepts, projects, products, and code names in effortless manner. • Quickly establish relationship between content & Individuals • Ensure knowledge is not lost when employees retire or leave for competitors • Enhance organizational productivity by reducing onboarding time for new employees

Approach & Deliverables 1- Empathize & Identify-Phase 1 • Identify and prioritize Viva Topics scenarios and Knowledge management metrics, high priority topics and source sites to mine for topics • Assess knowledge culture and help build curation model • Setup and configure tenant, permissions, topic identification and help kick start topic curation • With Prebuilt templates for content curation services, Microsoft Viva Topic Journey can be fast-tracked. 2- Ideate & Implement –Phase 2 • Implement Full Viva Topics Lifecycle, with sustainable Design & architecture. • Build a solution which is built with Privacy & compliance & governance ground up. • Build & Implement Default or Custom connectors/data Pipelines for 3rd party Applications, ERP, CRM etc.. • Augment Viva Topics with Teams Apps/Bots, Azure Cognitive Services, Power Platform & SharePoint sites. 3- Measure & Drive Adoption – phase 3 • Expand management of topics across independent business units. • Build & promote Standardization of taxonomy. • Build Data Driven approach to Measure Quality & Velocity of content creation across organization. • Drive adoption and change management initiative to realize the value of your investment in Viva Topics.

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement

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