Online Power BI: 3-Hr Briefing

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Learn how to effectively communicate quantitative business data using Microsoft Power BI.

This 3-hour online training is for business intelligence professionals, analysts, and specialists who produce reports using modern BI tools and have some rudimentary knowledge of Power BI.

It is held remotely via Skype/Teams/Zoom

After this interactive training, you will have an understanding of how to build effective dashboards and reports that convey your message effectively using the right visualization techniques. You will also get instructions and demonstrations on how this can be done in Power BI with native and custom visuals.


You will learn how to:

  • Tell a story using data
  • Match your message with the right type of visuals
  • Understand where to go in the tool to select appropriate colors, fonts, and structure
  • Find out about Power BI report layouts, backgrounds, and color themes
  • Learn about Power BI visuals, DAX and M Query


  • Your team (up to 10 people) get an interactive training with a visualization and Power BI expert
  • You invest 3 hours and get a days worth of information at your fingertips

Price is estimated for the basic scope of work, the adjustments can be negotiated individually.

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