Copilot for Web & Search Quick Start: 2-Day Training & Adoption


Get your User Base Ready for AI - securely configure and teach to search and prompt engineering to perform tasks and automate processes to enhance productivity and decision-making.

Finchloom’s Templatized Deployment of Microsoft Copilot and Search benefits your organization in several ways. AI is new and growing, so the implementation supports early adoption of AI and prepares users for more advanced AI in the future, like Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Azure Open AI.

Microsoft Search means full Search Integration into Windows, Edge, and Microsoft 365 Apps. Search Microsoft 365 Documents, People, Chats, Meeting Notes, Emails from one search interface.

To chat with Microsoft Copilot enables you to research (Internet lookup), summarize, clarify, question, and analyze in a secure Chat GPT like prompt without public access to your work.

Finchloom's deployment includes:

  • License Review
  • Configure Microsoft Search
  • Enable Microsoft Copilot
  • Basic configuration and training
  • Prompt Engineering Training
  • Recorded end-user training session
  • Review search analytics and usage for valuable insights and feedback

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