Viva Insights: 6-Wk Proof of Concept

Planet Technologies

Deploy Viva Insights to 500 users to identify patterns related to wellbeing, productivity, communication, collaboration, meeting, and engagement and build a roadmap to change culture accordingly.

When it comes to analyzing signals such as emails, chat, and meetings to better align the organization with new ways of working, having a diagnostic of behaviors can be greatly beneficial. With Viva Insights, your organization will be able to expand upon your prior use of Microsoft 365 by:

Injecting your HRS data to segment users by categories (departments, roles, regions…). Managing dashboard permissions to allow appropriate employees to analyze or access to data.
Building custom dashboard to drill down certain data.
Deploying Viva Insights to the appropriate users (who can see what). Educating users on how to use dashboards (how to navigate in the dashboards).
Educating managers on how to leverage dashboards (what best practices).

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