HCL Biz Apps – SAP on Azure Extend with Power Platform

HCL Technologies Limited.

Unlock SAP data with Power Platform to extend SAP capabilities. Power Platform will Modernize, accelerate analytics, automate, simplify business processes, and interact intelligently with your data.

Your SAP systems contain data from across the organization where you could derive insights. In many cases, this data is siloed and is not integrated with other data sources inside and outside of the organization. By combining SAP and non-SAP data and applying Power Platform, real-time and predictive insights can easily be extracted for Connected business insights and intelligence. Power Platform enables low-code / no-code innovation. • Achieve deeper integration with SAP Business Technology Platform • Extend and integrate events from SAP S/4HANA to Microsoft Azure and vice versa • Benefit from simplified administration and provisioning

Unleash business innovation for any business challenge, you might use one or more of these strategies: 1 To improve collaboration and enhance the user experience, bring in SAP data to apps used every day, including Microsoft Teams and Office apps. In this approach, use connectors and the low-code Power Platform to automate processes without modifying SAP infrastructure. 2 If your focus is gaining new insight, use Power Platform that will leverage data and analytics services and enrich with AI. 3 You can also extend your SAP applications and data and innovate quickly--using the Power Platform together with an array of Azure services. Build new apps or flows that include your data. Move data freely from wherever it’s stored to wherever it’s needed. 4 HCL is focused on ensuring success by helping organizations build an internal Power Platform Centre of Excellence to govern structure and processes, as well as manage security, all while encouraging adoption and innovation. Part of deploying a successful Power Platform initiative is having a roadmap for effective organizational adoption and governance. 5 Power Platform tools are helping businesses dramatically reduce paperwork and administrative duties so they can instead focus on developing new products and services to remain competitive, for example with self-service tools and portals are for improving the client experience as well as helping to identify customer needs early on.

Unlike any other convention COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) development framework which is a top-down framework Power Platform provides the App maker a bottom-up approach to development. Power Platform enables the App maker to identify problems and then solutionise it. Empowering the App maker to build an app therefore also requires a structured framework against which the end user can build the App. Right from inception to publishing the app for wider organizational rules. HCL Biz Apps Team's Power Platform framework is a toolkit that ensures that we have a well-defined framework and governance model within the IT framework of the organization to do this.

Some of the Key elements of this framework are:

  • Governance
  • App evaluation and onboarding
  • Security and App lifecycle management

HCL's Power Platform plan for SAP and execution phases will involve workshops around Power Platform governance controls and will help ensure good governance is put in place.

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