IBM Employee Experience: 12 Weeks Implementation

IBM Consulting - EA

IBM Employee Experience powered by Microsoft Viva and Teams helps clients to transform employee experience, enhance productivity and create thriving culture.

With our offering, “IBM Employee Experience”, we help clients to solve high-value business challenges around employee performance, engagement, and productivity; create thriving culture with engaged employees and inspiring leaders; and improve business outcomes with personalized insights and recommended actions.

The 12-week* engagement is divided in 4 phases:

  1. Exhibit: Introduce MS Viva and MS Teams and showcase their key capabilities and Value propositions
  2. Discovery: Conduct IBM Garage jumpstart workshops to understand Key business processes, personas, key challenges, expected business outcomes; Identification and prioritization of use cases to be developed across MS Teams and MS Viva
  3. MVP Build: Configure default configurations for MS Teams and MS Viva & implementation of identified use cases (MVP)
  4. Transition: Provide Training Sessions and share a tailored adoption journey for MS Viva and Teams

*The timeline and cost will vary depending on scope and requirements.

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