Microsoft Fabric proof-of-concept: 10 day implementation


Revitalize your data with our 10-day Microsoft Fabric pilot program. Designed for immediate impact, it's perfect for newcomers to Power BI and Microsoft Fabric

Discover how Microsoft Fabric can meet your enterprise's analytics needs in one platform. Learn about Microsoft Fabric, how it works, and identify how you can use it for your analytics needs.

Our pilot program offers a hands-on introduction to lakehouse and warehouse implementations, equipping you with insights into their diverse application scenarios.

We'll facilitate data ingestion through advanced methods like pipelines, notebooks, or Gen2 dataflows, followed by a transformation into data medallion layers.

Our team will expertly craft Power BI reports utilizing this transformed data to provide you with actionable insights.

Deliverables include:

  1. A fully operational Microsoft Fabric environment, complete with OneLake, optimized workspaces, and robust security settings.
  2. Dedicated storage solutions encompassing both lakehouse and warehouse models.
  3. Efficient ingestion and transformation routines, employing pipelines, notebooks, Gen2 dataflows, and stored procedures.
  4. Refined semantic models and insightful Power BI reports.

This comprehensive setup not only delivers immediate value but also lays a solid foundation for your ongoing development and understanding of these powerful technologies.

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