Collaboration Assessment 4 Wks


Hybrid Work Collaboration Assessment 4 weeks program with full report

Great collaboration starts with your people, so that’s precisely where Kinly begins the journey towards effective, equitable meeting experiences.

At Kinly, we work as consultative partners, using our extensive knowledge and experience to create lasting harmony between the Microsoft Teams solutions we provide and the people who use them. It’s only through understanding your people’s existing workflows and their needs that we can understand how to improve them with the endless features of Microsoft Teams, Teams Rooms and SurfaceHub.

That’s why our collaboration assessment is one of the first steps in our journey together, because it gives us the opportunity to get to know you. The assessment is tailored to you and considers people at all levels of your organisation to create a fully rounded picture of your hybrid collaboration needs.

Led by our award-winning customer success team, Kinly experts will take a deep dive into your processes and people over the course of four weeks. Then we’ll use that vital information to build a Microsoft solution that brings real value to your business, providing you with a clear budgetary insight on one-off and recurring cost up front, and a tailor-made onboarding plan for optimal adoption of your new solutions. At Kinly, we’re not in the business of creating off the shelf, ‘one size fits all’ solutions. For us, the most effective collaboration solution will always be the one grounded in your people’s specific needs.

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