Microsoft Teams Room Implementation Services 1 Week


Designing, delivering and implementing your Hybrid Office Environment based on Microsoft Teams Rooms Solutions

With help from Kinly experts, finding the right collaboration solution for you and your business becomes simple.

Over the past few years, the way we work has changed beyond recognition. Where the office was once the centre of everything, a sudden switch to remote working with the outbreak of Covid-19 put the benefits of a more flexible approach front and centre. There were challenges, that’s no question, but those initial struggles are far outweighed by the advantages of a progressive, hybrid working environment.

With hybrid as a default, you’ll quickly uncover sustainable growth, a healthy workforce and an optimal employee experience. Still, it’s vital you get the right meet, present, co-create and collaboration mix for your business. We’ll base that mix on Microsoft Teams and translate it into the Microsoft Teams Rooms layout that fits your and your business’ needs. To do that, we’ll assess your actual workflow, network and Microsoft 365 situation and showcase modern meeting experiences catered to your unique needs and requirements.

Our carefully designed project approach serves not just hybrid working policy, but tangible business value, innovation, knowledge sharing, security, retention, recruitment and more. This is a pivotal moment for your business and it’s up to you to define the future of work in your organisation. Kinly is ideally placed to help you shape that future, translating your specific business challenges into exciting Microsoft Teams Rooms collaboration solutions that are always available and help your people get the job done, from anywhere.

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