Microsoft Teams Rooms Training and Adoption Services - 10 Days Workshop


Working together is our specialty at Kinly, so we know that to get the very best from your Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions, your people must be empowered with the right training

At Kinly, we understand that every business is unique. Different businesses require different Microsoft Teams Rooms and each requires personalized adoption, training and onboarding support, using workshops, to ensure new technology becomes a go-to solution for everyone in that organization. That’s why our adoption process stretches further than onboarding using workshops alone, and it focuses on your people from start to finish.

It all begins with a collaboration assessment, where we’ll gather the input of different employee groups before establishing personas and feeding back a full advisory report. This forms the basis of what will come next – onboarding services which cover everything from building ambassador networks and delivering training programmes and workshops to creating impactful comms and in-room assets. What we deliver depends on your requirements and preferences, but there is a whole toolbox full of onboarding services here at Kinly.

To ensure every one of your people is onboarded in the right way, we adapt our adoption plan to suit them, with a focus on building the awareness, knowledge and buy-in needed for seamless visual collaboration. At every step, your dedicated customer success manager will consider the needs and requirements of your specific user groups, adapting all onboarding services to ensure adoption soars and your Microsoft solutions are a success for your business.


Day 1 : By targeting certain people in organizations, we can get impressive results in adoption rates quickly. We target 18% of potential users based on the law of diffusion. They the innovators and early adopters and will be key in large scale success. They’ll be our influencers. Example; at 500 potential users together we carefully select 90 users.

Day 2 to day 5 : Discover real life use cases in 2-hour on-site workshops with a maximum of 10 users per group. The output will be a comprehensive overview of existing workflows and use-cases and how the technology can be used to enrich and streamline the use-cases. Example; at 500 potential users, we selected 90 ambassadors which we divide into 9, 10 person groups/sessions.

Day 2 : Start of room assessment survey to be filled out by users after they use the room. To assess ease-of-use, quality perception and determine possible opportunities to address gaps features vs need of users.

Day 6 : Creation of scenario based quick reference cards that boost usage in a larger scale. All based on Microsoft Teams Rooms. Variation based on different configurations with enrichments like touch displays, whiteboard capture or Surface Hubs

Day 7 to day 9 : Train-the-trainer program with a selection of interested potential trainers to further spread adoption. How to engage users with useful and interesting sessions that fit the discovered use-cases and company culture. Number of sessions determined by interest of selected ambassadors.

Day 10 : Creation of comprehensive report with all findings and experiences including maturity assessment and GAP analysis to base further actions and investments on.

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