Data analytics for Sustainable management - 3 months implementation


KPMG team offers full support in sustainable management and data analytics for your organization, leveraging Microsoft Azure and Power BI.

The service will be carried out in the following steps:

Step 1: Advisory related to the selection of ESG indicators (2-3 weeks)
As a first step, we support the client in identifying the most relevant indicators for the organisation from over 200 diverse metrics from the environmental, social and governance areas.
We build KPIs to achieve regulatory compliance as well as to manage the business effectively, at the same time, meeting the expectations of key stakeholders, aligned with industry specifics, competitor activities and criteria used by rating agencies.
Result: List of KPIs subject to implementation in further steps of the project.

Step 2: Preparation for the implementation of data analytics in the ESG area - feasibility study (verification of data sources and quality) (2-3 weeks)
At this stage, we carry out analysis of possible automation of calculation of indicators selected by the Company.
In the workshop, we discuss the definitions of the individual indicators and identify the necessary data sources (system sources - for example, ERP or HR systems, other - for example, flat files) and possible deficiencies in the necessary information recording.
Result: Inventory of data sources to implement selected KPIs.

Step 3: Automation of data gathering for ESG analytics (4-6 weeks)
The purpose of this step is to ensure data availability for the implementation of ESG analytics. Depending on the specifics of the indicators and the inventoried data sources, the KPMG team may carry out the following steps:
• Implementation of data warehouse, in particular for system sources and indicators that the Company would like to monitor on an ongoing basis;
• Implementation of solutions to automate manual data gathering, for example, OCR of accounting documents (AI);
• Development of an environment for manual data recording, while ensuring high data quality (timeliness, correctness, accuracy, completeness of recorded information);
• Other solutions that will allow the calculation and visualization of ESG KPIs, for example implementation of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.
Result: One source of truth for ESG data analytics.

Step 4: Implementation of data analytics in the ESG area (4-6 weeks)
After ensuring data availability, the final step is to implement data analytics. At this stage, we prepare the business and technical specifications for the implementation, as well as mock-ups of the visualization of Business Intelligence reports. Once the client accepts the materials, we proceed with the implementation of the data model, calculation formulas and visualizations.
Result: Power BI reports for selected ESG metrics

Duration of the project and price will depend on the scope of KPIs as well as scope of work to be performed, especially in automation of gathering the data for ESG analytics.

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