LVP-D365 Sales in Higher Ed 8-Wk Implementation

Ledgeview Partners

Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Higher Education from Ledgeview Partners to transform your recruitment and admissions, student experience and institution operations.

Ledgeview Partners has provided Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM solutions to higher education institutions since it was founded in 2007. Ledgeview’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for higher education have helped campuses across the nation create meaningful connections with their students and communities, provide timely and clear communications to students, attract quality candidates, collect applications to admit or deny students, support campus wellness and safety protocols, and much more.

By putting the unique needs of higher education first, Ledgeview ensure the best results with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for campuses across the nation. We are dedicated to helping take care of students, their education, and their relationship with the institution throughout their lifetimes.

Ledgeview’s Kick Start Promotion for the Higher Education Industry focuses on Dynamics 365 Sales that provides the key functionality common to the Higher Education industry that will get companies up and running including:

• Inquiry Management: Track potential student inquiries, routing to the right admissions counselor for assessment, auto-creating an activity schedule to stay in touch, and track all correspondences with prospective students.
• Application Management: Enter, View, and manage applications. Track activities, auto-route applications for evaluation, acceptance, and denial. • Transcript Management: View, Enter, and Manage transcripts and related outside coursework to your institutions course catalog. • Program Evaluation Reports: Student reporting for transferrable credits. • Migration of Data and Integration with Backend Software and SharePoint. • Optional Applicant Power Portal and Marketing Automation.

Based on Ledgeview’s robust experience with Higher Education, these features are the staples used by a large majority of institutions across the USA.

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